Yoga is for everyobody! You don’t have to be slim, young, flexible etc to practice Yoga.  I teach gentle yoga classes which links breath and movement through a creative series of postures that balance strength and flexibility while cultivating mindfulness.

A perfect way to stretch your body, unwind and relax your mind.

Suitable for beginners & beyond.

Just like in all my classes there is no  pressure to get things “right” in fact there’s no “right”. Your body is your body and I encourage you do what feels right by listening & tuning into your body’s needs.

I am here to guide you, create a safe relaxing & supportive space for you to be YOU.

Whether you seek relaxation, flexibility, strength-building, stress relief, or a combination of these, my approach is entirely centered on aligning with your intentions.

The journey unfolds at your pace, with each movement carefully curated to foster harmony between body, mind, and spirit. Through gentle stretches, controlled breathing techniques, and mindful meditation, you'll embark on a voyage of self-discovery, cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself and your body's capabilities.

Whether you're a seasoned yogi seeking to refine your practice or a beginner taking your first steps on this transformative journey, our 1-to-1 sessions cater to all levels and abilities.